With all dining areas of restaurants closed for almost 2 months many people have had to order their food to go or like some customers eat in their car. When one couple came to the restaurant last week they asked the staff if it would be possible for them to eat outside . Now if you have never been to Texas Roadhouse in Duluth it is perched on top of a hill overlooking Central Entrance. They have a pretty good size area but it is all parking lot and let me tell you they need it.

So with no outdoor dining area the staff decided to set up a table outside for them. It looked like the weather was a little on the cool side, but as you can see by the smile on their faces they did not seem to mind. Nice job to the staff who made this accommodation for them.

Come June 1 in Minnesota at least restaurants if they choose can start opening back up to include dine in service. But for many places it is going to take quite a bit of planning as social distancing will still be in place. As I have been saying these past few weeks, unfortunately I do not see things going "back to normal" anytime soon.

Wearing masks in public, standing and sitting at least 6 feet apart in public spaces will be the norm. The key thing is we all need to be patient and kind to each other and to employees at all area businesses. We will get through this at some point, but nobody knows when. So continue to support local businesses and stay safe out there.

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