Drivers who use the Blatnik Bridge will want to know about a short-term closure that could affect their route this week.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is reporting that the northbound lanes of the Blatnik Bridge will close to all traffic on Wednesday, October 5 during the early morning hours - just prior to the kick off of the morning commute.  The northbound lanes of I-535/the Blatnik Bridge will be closed from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM.

According to MNDOT, the northbound lane closure will help facilitate some work that will be done on Garfield Avenue on the Duluth side.  While the lanes are closed, work crews will be able place the precast concrete barrier and apply pavement markings near the off ramp to Garfield Avenue and also further down on Garfield Avenue itself.

Here are some additional details related to the northbound lane closure on the Blatnik Bridge being shared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation:

  • The northbound lane closure will happen on the Superior side utilizing the gates
  • MNDOT will have dynamic message signs in place at Hammond Avenue, Frasier, and at Barkers Island to inform drivers of the closure
  • Drivers are asked to use the Bong Bridge / Highway 2 while the northbound lanes of the Blatnik Bridge are closed

MNDOT expects the northbound lanes of to reopen after 5:00 AM on Wednesday, October 5; all of the work will be complete on the same day.

The short-term closure for the northbound lanes of the Blatnik Bridge on Wednesday, October 6 - and the resulting work on Garfield Avenue - is tied to the larger work of the multi-year Twin Ports Interchange Project (Can of Worms); that $435 million project is scheduled to last through the 2024 road construction season.  More details about the scope of that project and up-to-date information is available on the project page on the Minnesota Department of Transportation website.

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