What? Both states can put on a party if we have to, but some of ESPN's commentators say they don't want to be in Milwaukee or Minneapolis because they are bad destinations.

When Minnesota hosted the NHL All-Star Game, the players raved. The only MLB All-Star Game to end in a tie was 2002 in Milwaukee. Minnesota hosted the Super Bowl and it was spectacular, I don't care what that girl says. It's indoor, there is never a problem with the weather. Minnesota hosted an All-Star game and a couple of World Series Games too. The Brew Crew hosted some World Series games as well.

I understand if they say most Minnesota teams can't win the big one. The Minnesota Vikings have been to the Super Bowl 4 times and have lost each of them. The Packers have only lost one of their visits to the Super Bowl and NFL Championships.

When it comes to basketball Minnesota stinks on the men's side. The women (Lynx) have the record for championships. In Milwaukee, things are finally looking up for the Bucks, but they have not made it to a finals game to win.

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Hockey is another bad story. The North Stars made it to the finals a couple of times, but couldn't win the big one. The Minnesota Wild, even worse. Why is it Minnesota puts the most players in the NHL but can't get a championship team on the ice? The Wild have made it out of the first round once or twice, what is their deal, they looked so good this year, and then nothing.

These guys are talking destinations. They don't want to come to Minnesota or Wisconsin. Our food is better, look how many large people we have. Our Beer is better, we have more craft beer makers in Minnesota than the world, and most of the Beer in this country is made in Wisconsin. So, why are these two states bad destinations for sports venues?

In our states, we love our teams and stick with them. That says something, so that makes our states a great destination. Maybe we don't want you here either ESPN!!

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