The season is about to change as late summer-early fall gets ready to quickly become winter.  Before you know it, the snow will arrive.  While that means the end for many road construction projects around the state, the work on the multi-year Twin Ports Interchange will continue to progress throughout the winter months.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are ready and have important updates for Northland drivers.

To get the site ready for winter, MNDOT has moved the lane configuration around.  Most notably, the southbound lanes of I-35 have now returned back to the corridor and traffic is no longer being routed down onto Lower Michigan Street; the southbound lanes of I-35 have taken their place on the lanes that will exist once the work is completely done.  That move came this past weekend (on Saturday, October 22) and follows what happened when the northbound lanes were shifted back to their rightful spot earlier in October.

This lane configuration for I-35 through the Twin Ports Interchange Project will remain this way - at least through the winter months.

Even with I-35 traffic resuming to somewhat normal patterns, it doesn't take much to notice that many connections - on  and off ramps, etc - remain unconnected.  This is especially true of the lanes connecting I-35 to the Blatnik Bridge; for now - and until the work is near complete - there will continue to not be a direct connection to that bridge on and off of I-35 proper.  However, the on and off ramps at 27th Avenue West are now fully operational.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation continues to update the online project page for the Twin Ports Interchange.  That landing page is the best source of up-to-date information about the road construction work.

Additionally, MNDOT will host another set of public meetings on the project - to make sure that the general public remains fully informed on all of the pertinent details.  These next meetings will happen on Monday, October 31 - with one virtual and one in-person session.  The virtual session will happen earlier in the day - starting at 12:15 PM; to attend, click here or call 855-282-6330 and enter the access code '2489 511 9545'.  Later that evening, MNDOT will hold an in-person session at the Lincoln Park Community Center:  2014 West 3rd Street - starting at 6:00 PM.

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