The Pumpkin Train Express is ready to roll this year, after taking a year off.

I took my son Sam aboard this fun little excursion and it was great. We rode the train which was fun, then we stopped and everyone that had done this ride before started telling all the kids they get to pick a pumpkin.

The train arrives at a grassy area on the north end of Duluth full of hay bales and lots of pumpkins - and I'm not talking little dinky ones. These are full-sized pumpkins! Sam hopped out and ran around looking at all the pumpkins. It was quite the experience for me too because I re-lived what it was like to be a little kid and the magic of that time.

According to the Duluth Trains website, the ride is about 90 minutes long. As you board and get off the train, there will be live music playing. You leave the Duluth Depot and arrive at the pumpkin patch, get a pumpkin, then bring it aboard the train and bring it back with you to the Duluth Depot. If you want to add a little something extra to your ride, you can book tickets to ride in the dome car there and back. This is a new addition for this year. It costs a little extra, but it adds some cool views on the train ride.

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I would recommend bringing something to carry the pumpkin in. Having something to carry the pumpkins in will make things easier, but if you don't bring one, you will just have to hold on to it as best you can. I learned from personal experience, a pumpkin can be like having another kid in your lap. They do tend to get heavy.

The Duluth Trains website says they will limit numbers in order to make the ride safer, masks are recommended. Pricing starts at $20 per ticket Thursday & Sunday (ages 3 and up), $5 additional on Friday & Saturday (peak days) The rides will be happening from October 21st to the 24th. The website says times for the rides are 10:00 am, 11:20, 12:50 pm, 2:20, or 3:50 pm

While you are riding there are the usual narrations and you will hear Halloween music. Back at the Depot, there are magic shows, coloring, balloon twisting, Halloween movies, bounce houses, and more.

If you want more information or want to get tickets, visit their website.

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