It seems that just about everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit these days, even the North Shore Scenic Railroad! It turns out they are even in the spooky spirit, which is evident in a post they just shared on Facebook!

We all know the infamous Pennywise clown. He is one of the most iconic horror movie villains of our time and when the remake came out a few years back, people were having a little bit too much fun with it.

How? Pranksters were scaring everyone by tying red balloons to sewer grates so that people passing by would be freaked out! In case you didn't know, Pennywise lives in a sewer in the movies and a red balloon means he is near so yeah, seeing red balloons everywhere was pretty scary.

Thankfully, things died down after the movie aired, aside from a few other pranks, like people dressing up as clowns and going about their business. This was happening all over the country, including in Minnesota. I am glad that this trend is over!

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However, it looks like one popular tourist attraction in the Twin Ports is bringing one of those pranks back and I can't lie, it did give me a little laugh! It is all courtesy of the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

They were feeling in the Halloween spirit on Tuesday (October 18th) and shared not one, but two spooky photos. The first is what you see below but in the day time with the caption "uh oh" which speaks for itself.

However, they got even spookier and shared a photo of a solo red balloon on the premises at night. Pennywise, is that you? Check it out:

Ha! Obviously, this is nothing but a prank but it gave me a good laugh. That does look pretty spooky in the night and a solo balloon in the middle of nowhere is always enough to send a chill down my spine.

Speaking of being spooked, I recently talked to Ken Buehler of the North Shore Scenic Railroad about the St. Louis County Depot. I had chatted with him before about how the spot may be haunted and he even sent me a photo to prove it!

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