A batch of hardcore punk bands has come together to sing Smash Mouth's "All Star" in the same way that some celebrities recently did with John Lennon's "Imagine." But rather than flex an empty gesture of sympathy, the performers of the Smash Mouth cover appear only to want to offer viewers some comedy.

Indeed, humor seems to be the reason why Twitching Tongues vocalist Colin Young recruited members of Every Time I Die, Touche Amore, Harm's Way and more for the video that emerged on Twitter last week (March 19). As with the viral "Imagine" cover, each singer takes a stanza of "All Star" on their own.

But it's the satire behind the clip that sets it apart from March 18's Gal Gadot-led video that featured fellow screen stars Natalie Portman, Will Ferrell and others. The celebs' earnestness was apparent — after all, they each recorded their parts in quarantine to soothe viewers amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But in such a difficult time for people across the globe, the notion fell flat. The New York Times called Gadot's "Imagine" virtual group-sing "proof that even if no one meets up in person, horribleness can spread." Perhaps that's why an outré artist such as Young took it upon himself to parody the celebrities' nescience online.

"It's day six of self-quarantine," the Twitching Tongues member says at the top of the clip. "This virus is affecting everyone. My personal chef has gone home; my butler's still here. But I saw this video, this woman and her friends singing this song. And it was so powerful and uplifting." Watch the ensuing "All Star" cover below.

Smash Mouth themselves seemingly approve, as they subsequently re-shared the video on Twitter.

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