We've got a pretty warm weekend ahead of us, and with some warmer temperatures this last week it's easy to forget how quickly snow will be coming to the region. Weather is unpredictable in the Northland, but our local Meteorologists do a pretty good job of getting it right. I reached out to several of my Meteorologist contacts to see when they think the first snowfall is going to come this year. Here is what they said:

Brandon Weathers at WDIO

Brandon Weathers Facebook

First, I talked to our buddy Brandon Weathers at WDIO. We talk to him every morning at 7:30 on the Breakfast Club. He predicts our first snow flakes in the air to fall in Duluth will be on October 7th! That's right around the corner. He expects any actual snow accumulation will be on November 12.

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Justin Liles at WDIO

Chief Meteorologist Justin Liles Facebook

WDIO's Chief Meteorologist Justin Liles made the first prediction weeks ago in the Northland. He expects us to see snow fly on October 11, give or take a few days. "Based on our warm summer and drought this year has been very much like 2012." So that's where he's basing his prediction off of.

Joe Moore at the Duluth National Weather Service

Joe Moore Twitter

Next I reached out to another meteorologist in the Northland. Joe Moore works at the National Weather Service Duluth, Minnesota office. He expects the first date of snow flakes will be on October 22, and the first accumulation will be on November 5.

Adam Lorch from KBJR is guessing that we will have our first measurable snow on October 17th, which would be the same as last year. Dave Anderson with CBS 3 says the first snow we will have stick on the ground will be October 27th.

I've reached out to several other meteorologists to get their guess, and I'm waiting to hear back. Enjoy our fall weather, but don't let the 70-80 degree weather fool ya. We'll be pulling out winter jackets and snow boots sooner than it feels.

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