I got a voicemail at work the other day, asking if I was the guy who wrote about a UFO sighting in Superior, Wisconsin a few years ago. Yep. That's me. I actually get a few calls a year from folks wanting to tell me their story to someone who might believe them.

About 5 years ago, I spotted a triangular object with lights silently pass over my house in Superior, Wisconsin. I spent the entire 30 seconds or so in awe just trying to figure out what it was.

Since I shared that story, I have had dozens of people reach out to me to share theirs. The latest is from Sheila in Superior.

UFO Spotted Near Pattison Park, Wisconsin March 28, 2024 - 8:30 PM

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Sheila told me her story, and there are a lot of pieces of it that make it credible. It's the 'Soda Pop Factor.' I'll explain more about that in a bit.

Sheila lives on 10 acres south of Superior, Wisconsin. She was walking out to her car, on her way to work at 8:30 pm. She heard something that got her attention, and she looked to the south. She wouldn't have looked that way if she hadn't heard something, because she would be heading in the opposite direction.

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She saw three lights in a triangular shape moving slowly across her property line. It looked like it was going to land in the field. Then it stopped and hovered for a bit, before it took off and disappeared.

The whole thing lasted only about a minute. It kind of looked like this sighting:

The low altitude was what caught her attention.

She wondered if it could be a drone or something, but it was really big and it was flying very low. Like she said, she thought it was landing, but then it just stopped and hovered.

Sheila first thought it might be a government secret project.

Sheila speculates that it could be a government or military test aircraft that they were trying out. This is a common theory and could be true. When the military tests out stealth capabilities, they don't let anyone know. If this was a drone of some type, it would be bigger than any that we've seen. It takes a lot of conventional thrust to keep a large object hovering.

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The 'Soda Pop Factor' in UFO Stories

There's an old report in MUFON that talks about the Soda Pop Factor. Ufologists were talking to a guy about his UFO sighting. In his description, he said, "I was going across the road to get a soda from the vending machine when I looked up and saw it."

That adds credibility, because why else would he even bother to mention the soda? You can tell when someone is being authentic sometimes from the things they say that aren't related to the actual sighting.

Sheila mentioned to me several things that add authenticity to her story. She was on her way to work, she normally wouldn't even be looking in that direction. She also said she never expected to see a UFO, so when it happens you don't even realize what's going on. That's a big one for me because, in my sighting, I didn't realize I was witnessing a UFO until it was too late. It just doesn't register with your brain right away.

Could It Be The Mysterious TR-3B Black Mantra?

Lots of ufo people believe the government has anti-gravity stealth spy craft. It's rumored to be triangular in shape, and uses a top-secret anti-gravity propulsion. Hey, stranger things have happened. There might be some truth to it.

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