NFL free agent J.J. Watt got the most random word to trend on Twitter Tuesday. That word? Mitochondria. Why? He tweeted a seemingly random science lesson on Tuesday morning that NFL fans are hilariously claiming is a cryptic message that hints who his next team will be.

That tweet, simply stating "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell", has taken the internet by storm with people making hilarious claims this tweet ties their favorite NFL team to the player as a possible future destination.

While Cleveland and Buffalo have been the most tweeted-about destinations from what I can tell in the first few hours after Watt's initial tweet, there have been some related to the two local teams.

There has been a little Minnesota mitochondria steam like this tweet, but Packers fans are weighing in on the subject in higher numbers than Vikings fans.

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Among some of the responses linking J.J.'s tweet to the Packers are the following:

Lots of Packers fans are getting behind the J.J. to Green Bay idea, which would bring Watt back to his home state of Wisconsin. Even Culver's got in on some J.J. social media antics, responding to a tweet earlier this year about the fast food restaurant. After he expressed excitement about a new location opening near his training facility, Culver's chimed in with how many more restaurants there are in the Badger State.

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