Kyle Rudolph and his wife Taylor have stepped up in a big way to help families in need due to the Covid-19 pandemic and school closings.They are inviting fans to help with what you can as well. Their personal donation is going to be able to provide 82,000 meals through Second Harvest Heartland. 

Kyle told "Growing up, I never had to worry about not having meals if we didn't have school, and that's not the case for a lot of kids around our community. There's a lot of families who are going without meals because mom and/or dad aren't able to work right now … so we wanted to do something here for the families in our community that we know are being directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic."

Kyle went on to say that the number 82 is pretty popular around their house and so they figured this was a good goal to kick off the campaign. Some of Kyles teammates have also become part of other campaigns during this pandemic like former linebacker Chad Greenway, along with receiver Adam Thielen and linebacker Anthony Barr. Kyle praised the Wilf family for kicking things off from a charitable standpoint, and that set off a ripple effect for the players.

Again, it is so nice to hear some positive stories coming out of this incredibly tough unforeseen circumstances that is affecting people all over the world. Of course we can't all make huge donations like Kyle and his wife but we can all do our part to be kind and look out for each other during this difficult time and beyond!

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