Did you know at an NHL hockey game, there is someone sitting in the stands who is known as the emergency goalie? It's been around a while.

They are given tickets to come to the game and sit there until called, and it could be for either team, depending on where they are from. they are most likely a former pro player, minor league player, or an amateur who is called upon to play. Each city has them and they are called the EBUG player. Which stands for an emergency backup goalie. The owners are going to vote whether to allow this rule still or get rid of it.

Most recently there have been two goalies who have been called out of the stands to play. The first was March 2018, when a 36-year-old accountant named Scott Foster came in and stopped every shot that he faced. He was the oldest player to win his debut game, until David Ayers who came in to play for the Carolina Hurricanes. 

The goalie and back up goalie went out, so David was called upon to get in the net. David is a 42-year-old Zamboni driver for a Toronto Maple Leaf minor league team.

He came out and let in the first two goals and then calmed down and won the game for the Hurricanes. He was named one of the stars of the game and was brought back to sign autographs and sound the siren for the Canes.

The cool thing is, David is a Kidney recipient and the Hurricanes are selling his jersey and donating the money to a kidney charity of David's choosing.



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