A St. Paul entrepreneur named Wenceslaus "Wen" Muenyi, is 27 who is originally from Cameroon and moved to Minnesota as a young child with his Mom. Muenyi made an appearance this past Friday on the show Shark Tank on ABC trying to make a pitch for his company called HercLéon.

Muenyi's company sells a laundry-free line of clothing and bedding.  According to his website this is what the material is made of:

HercFiber is our unique material blend that's unlike any other material in the world. HercFiber is not just one material, but a type of material that's specific combination depends on the product. In general, HercFiber is made with at least two components including a metal like copper, silver, or zinc infused in a material like cotton, recycled polyester or bamboo, and a core fabric that achieves the user experience goals we're developing. Hercfiber is critical to creating a laundry-free future.

Muenyi came up with the idea when he was on a trip to Iceland and noticed how much his dirty clothes began to smell in his bag. So when he returned home he started a kickstarter campaign to make the first ever active clean shirt back in 2019.

He claims not only are his clothes ideal for travelers but for people who do not have access to washing machines or who live off the grid which also helps lessen an individuals carbon footprint. Some of the feedback he has gotten especially for his forthcoming underwear line is that "It's Gross".

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Now I am someone who obsessively washes my clothes to the point that I cannot believe that they have not fallen apart yet or lost all their coloring. I love clean clothes, but as I have gotten older I have tried to be more conservative about how much my clothes actually need to be washed. But, I do draw the line on socks and underwear one and done for me. :)

I think anyway we can lessen our carbon footprint and conserve water is a fantastic idea, plus you can wash all of his products and he claims they will smell as good as the day you first bought them. But of course with all this technology these products are not cheap. The T-shirt is $89.50, sheets are $129 and the socks are a bargain at $14.99. I say good luck to you and looking forward to hearing how the underwear turns out.

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