The owners of a Minnesota Apparel Company are asking for the public's help with any information regarding a break-in of their warehouse this past weekend. The company is called Fan Girl MN an online store that carries Minnesota sports merchandise geared toward women.  Co-founder Callie Inman describes the merchandise as something you can wear out with friends or to the stadium.

Inman said to Fox9:

Fan Girl was kind of born out of just talking about how women just don't have good options for game day apparel. It's all stuff made by men, or you're wearing your boyfriend's clothes or jerseys.

Inman and her childhood friend Jayme Buck started the company three and a half years ago with a tiny shop on Etsy. So far things have been going great for the duo, then on Friday night someone broke into their warehouse and stole $10,000 worth of merchandise and electronics that they use every day.

Buck said " It was a really big bummer. It was like the first nice Saturday out and to get that call was pretty disheartening, but we'll work through it." They have filed a police report and are hoping that insurance will cover the merchandise that was stolen.

But for now, customers may be out of luck as some styles are completely sold out and now they do not have any new inventory. And what makes it even worse is that supply chain issues makes it even harder to get certain garments.

The only places that should be selling Fan Girl MN’s items are the company’s website or Scheels which is a sporting goods store. If anyone sees the items sold anywhere else, the owners have asked the public to ask that they message them on social media or email them at

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