Dollar Tree stores are everywhere and they're a popular shopping destination to millions of people in the country. Recently, a massive glue gun recall was issued through the popular chain that involves over one million units sold in the United States and Canada.

It's important to make sure everyone is made aware of this recall because the glue gun in question presents a legitimate fire and burn hazard.

A variety of fire departments across the country have been alerting people to the recall, including the Hermantown Volunteer Fire Department, who shared the alert issued from the Shakopee Fire Department.

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According to the official recall notice, the recall involves Crafter’s Square Glue Guns. They dispense hot glue when plugged into an outlet and the trigger is depressed. The plastic glue gun is black with an orange trigger and tip.

The glue guns have a silver UL listed label located above the handle with “GLUE GUN” and “XY-15302” printed on the label. Dollar Tree says about 1,025,000 were sold in the United States, with an estimated 21,900 sold in Canada.

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

The glue guns were sold at Dollar Tree stores nationwide from August 2020 through February 2022 and Family Dollar stores nationwide from January 2022 through February 2022 and online at from August 2021 through February 2022 for about $1.

Consumers who purchased them are strongly encouraged to immediately unplug and stop using the Crafter’s Square Glue Gun and return it to any Dollar Tree or Family Dollar store for a full refund. The company notes that purchasers will be contacted directly with further instructions.

To date, Dollar Tree has received seven reports of electrical malfunctions when using the glue guns, including four reports of fire and one report of skin irritation.

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