Looks like we may get a white Christmas after all this year. Minnesota was heavily impacted the past few days by a winter storm that brought heavy and wet snow.

Over the past two days, Minnesota and other areas got packed with snow from the winter storm. The current snowfall even was a history-maker. It entered the history books for as a top-10 two-day snow event in Duluth reaching a total of 21.4 inches.

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There was even over 18,000 power outages reported to Minnesota Power and Superior Water Light & Power. Naturally, parts of Minnesota were impacted differently than other parts.

I got lucky last night as I went to shovel. My neighbor was out snow-blowing, he told me to stop shoveling and snow-blowed my sidewalks for me. Thankful for good neighbors!

Per usual, Minnesotans took to social media to post about the storm:

I love living in the North, but sometimes it's a lot to shovel. Maybe that's why some call it the "frozen tundra". However "Minnesota Nice" is still alive and well:

Some Minnesotans on Twitter like to pass along good info:

We even had thunder snow in Duluth:

Here's how the Duluth Harbor looked:

Some see it as a winter wonderland:

Some didn't see a "storm" at all:

Others see Minnesota weather like playing a slot machine:

Oh, by the way, the Blizzard Warning has ended. However, we now enter a Winter Storm Warning. As well as over in Wisconsin:

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