Ever had a beer punched right into your face while watching live music?

Even for those who have experienced something like that, they might not have taken it as well as the man in this video.

This week, a concert clip filmed by the hardcore punk scene documenter hate5six (filmographer Sunny Singh) went viral that shows a seemingly unassuming concertgoer, precociously standing at the edge of a rowdy mosh pit, having his alcoholic beverage violently slamdanced into his visage. If you're a heavy music fan on Twitter or Instagram, you may have already seen it.

If not, watch the video near the bottom of this post.

The clip comes from hate5six's full-set video of beatdown hardcore act MH Chaos' gig in their home base of Chicago last Saturday (Aug. 7). The band was opening — among other support acts — for The Killer, Dead to Fall and Xibalba outside of Cobra Lounge.

During the MH Chaos performance, the fearless attendee evidently decided it was a wise idea to smugly sip a full cup of beer directly in front of the stage, turned away from the band and facing the mosh pit.

One mosher apparently wasn't having that — that is, if what he did was on purpose, anyway. (It sure looks like it.) When passing the man while following a circle pit formation, the mosher whipped out some emo karate and threw two hard backward chops to the guy's head.

From the force, the concertgoer's beer — and cup — exploded into his face. But even as it happened, a slight smirk barely left the man's mug, suggesting he was just fine with paying the price for what many would mark a mosh pit snafu. And he's still cool with it now.

"Haha, all good!" he told Singh when the videographer tracked him down. "I think the 2nd was mostly the cup. This is funny and not a lose-my-job viral."

That's gotta make him one of the most easygoing hardcore show attendees in existence, especially for one that had his beer slammed right into his face.

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