The NFL Players Association told players Tuesday that there will be no preseason games in 2020. reports that NFLPA union leadership shared the news with players during a conference call just a day after the league proposed the idea of a one-game preseason schedule.

The previous plan was to play two preseason games, with each team getting one home game and one away game prior to the regular season.

Among other information shared with players, the NFLPA shared that they are still requesting a "longer ramp-up period for players to physically acclimate to the training-camp demands of professional football." The players union also says they expect rosters to stay at 80 players per team for training camp, though the league has not signed off on this yet. also reported that the players association let players know that there is a "general agreement with the league" on voluntary and high-risk opt-outs as well as a compensatory stipend for any games that may be lost due to the pandemic. The league and union continue to work on the details to come to a formal agreement.

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Meanwhile, the NFLPA also shared (via WUSA) that 95 players have tested positive for COVID-19 as of July 21. The last report from the players association on July 10 said 72 players had tested positive. The league's procedures include daily testing for at least the first part of training camp. Continued daily testing after the first two weeks is contingent on findings through that initial testing period.

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