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This year's format will offer a way to participate over the whole month of August. Which is different because before it was a big group effort at Lake Vermillion. It makes it safer for guests, clients, and staff.

Teams are asked to schedule a date and time Tuesday thru Thursday afternoons during the month of August. Then do your round of sporting clays. You can still follow the same format and continue to raise money that clients and their families use to enjoy activities together. The money you raise goes to the Courage Kenny Northland Sports and Recreation Department. This department is able to help find a way for people that don't have the means to enjoy for example skiing. Someone who is in a wheelchair will now be able to take runs down the hill.

This money helps families like the Hatfields of Duluth, you can see their story below. I have many friends who benefit from this fundraiser.

Here's the new format and way to participate:

Register your team on the website. You still do a round of shooting at the Old Vermillion Trail, but you spread it out over the month of August.  rather than everyone getting together at once.

One team costs $200

Tell another teal to register and make it a competition. See who can score better between the two of you. Make a bet and the loser pays $20 more to the fundraiser. You can post on your Facebook or Instagram page and get the word out. Find more info on the official Shoot For Fun Facebook page.

Don't do the clay shoot but donate. I can't shoot to save my life, and if you are like me and find this a great organization, just donate to the cause, or help another team raise money. You can give your gift here, or connect with a team of your choice.

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