A generous donation from a Twin Ports-based financial institution will help a museum spotlighting a local celebrity with their needs. Superior Choice Credit Union has donated the funds the Judy Garland Museum needed to bridge the gap between what they had raised and what the cost of buying the property next door to them was.

The story started earlier this summer, when the property located next door to the museum dedicated to the Grand Rapids-born movie star went up for sale.  While the museum on Pokegema Avenue had been in existence for many years, the opportunity to own the land next door - available for expansion or parking - was intriguing.

But there was a catch; obviously the land would cost money to purchase.  The .6 acre site was listed and an offer had already been made in the amount of $125,000.  If they could match it, the lot was theirs.

Throughout the summer, the Judy Garland Museum made their situation known to the visitors and the general public - using a variety of means on both the local and national level. They were able to fundraise around $65,00 - which was short of the total amount needed.

That's when Superior Choice Credit Union stepped in.

On November 14, representatives from the Superior, Wisconsin-based credit union made a donation of $45,000 - making the purchase possible.

The donation was a natural reaction for the credit union, according to details shared by our news partners WDIO-TV.  Tim Foster, CEO and President of SCCU explains:

"It's one of those things that credit unions are always trying to make an impact on the community.  And here we could make a quick impact, and really help something that helps with tourism and children's education.  For us, it's not just a donation.  It's also about financial literacy".

Superior Choice Credit Union has a main location in Superior, with branches in Ashland, Duluth, Gilman, Grand Rapids, Hermantown, Ladysmith, Mellen, and soon in Eau Claire.

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