The move to create a City Administrator position for the City of Superior - along with the potential of shifting the current Mayor position to part time - has been put on hold by the Human Resources Committee - at least for the time being.  The issue will still appear on the ballot in the form of a referendum in November; city leaders believe that they should wait until they hear the wishes of the general public.

The issue stems from the results of the recommendations of RW Management Group; the consultant firm was hired by the city to look for ways to create efficiencies of personnel and finance. One of their recommendations was to create and hire for a full-time City Administrator - who could take care of the day-to-day operations of the city government; at the same time, the position of Mayor would be reduced to part-time.  Much discussion ensued and the Superior City Council ultimately split voted 6-4 to put the issue to the general public on the November 3 ballot.

Since that vote and the decision, the city (via the Human Resources Committee) has continued to research the move.  City leaders determined that it was a waste of both time and finances to continue to explore the issue - without knowledge of how the referendum will turn out.  (i.. if the referendum doesn't pass, the City Administrator position would be a moot issue).

News sources suggest that if the referendum passes in November, the panel and the council would re-evaluate the move.

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