You'd better keep that shovel ready and have plenty of gas in the snowblower.  The City of Superior has plans to get aggressive with their enforcement of snow removal violations this upcoming winter.

As the city ordinance currently reads, property owners are responsible to properly remove the snow and keep the sidewalks that exist next their property clear throughout the winter.  And while residents used to have five full days to remove that snow after a snowfall event, they shortened the time frame to a few years ago to only two days - or 48 hours.  At the same time they reduced the administrative fees associated with snow removal (if the city has to take care of it) from $150 to $75.

The idea behind the change a few years back was to be fair - reduce the amount of time a property owner had to clear the sidewalks, but also not make it look like the city was profiting by the move.

However, compliance with the city ordinance has lagged.  That non-compliance has city officials looking for ways to make property owners follow the law.

One way is with a change in the way that the ordinance is being enforced.  According to details shared in an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], Superior officials plan to get more aggressive this upcoming winter.

The plan is to get quicker with citations and - if that doesn't move the needle - eventual removal by the city and a bill for the non-compliant property owner.

Prior to the aggressive enforcement, Lee Sandok-Baker, the City of Superior Compliance Officer, recommended sending out a letter to property owners who have been non-compliant in the past.  The goal is to ultimately make these people realize that they're breaking the law and fulfil their responsibilities.

One specific item that's been a problem in the past is corners and crossings for the sidewalks.  Even at properties where the snow has been cleared, pedestrians often still find the actual corner connection full of snow - whether it was forgotten about during the clearing process or ended up with additional snow piled up from a street plow after the fact.  Either way, the snow needs to be removed and the corner needs to be servicable.

For the time being, no official action was taken on enforcement directives for the upcoming winter season.  However, the Public Works Committee will readdress the issue at its meeting on January 5.

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