At their meeting on July 21, the Superior City Council passed a resolution requiring masks or face-coverings for all individuals in indoor areas accessible to the public.  The requirement is officially set to commence on Monday, July 27 and in enforceable with trespassing charges.

The resolution itself is pretty clear as to who must wear a mask, where and when they need to wear it, and what (if any) exemptions there are. Reviewing the resolution (and a set of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) provided by the Superior-Douglas County Chamber of Commerce), here is a breakdown of the requirements:

  • Who Must Wear A Mask:  "[A]ll individuals shall wear a face covering in indoor areas
    accessible to the public and while riding in any public bus or taxicab, unless exempted".
  • When Do You Need To Wear A Mask:  "Face coverings are required in all indoor areas accessible to the public and while riding in any public bus or taxicab."  Examples of this would be restaurants and taverns, retail businesses, gyms, fitness centers, sports facilities, and entertainment venues.
  • Do You Need To Wear A Mask Outdoors?:  No.  The resolution only applies to individuals who are inside of publicly-accessible spaces.
  • What If Someone Can't Wear A Mask (i.e. due to health, mental, or physical situations)?:  Someone who falls into this category must - at the point of entering a business where a mask is required - inform an employee that they have a health condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a mask.  No further documentation or detail is needed.
  • Where Can You Obtain Face Masks (to comply with the resolution)?:  Check your local grocery store, pharmacy, or big box retail store.  Individuals who are having difficulty locating a suitable mask are asked to contact the Superior Mayor's Office.
  • Are Homemade Face Coverings Acceptable?:  Yes.
  • How Is The Resolution Being Enforced?:  The way it reads, it's up to the individual business owner to make the case with the person not complying with the resolution.  They have the authority to ask the person to leave their business.  If the person doesn't comply (and doesn't leave the business), the Superior Police Department can assist with trespassing charges.  However, according to the information released by the chamber "[v]iolation of this resolution is not a criminal offense".

Superior's Mask Resolution will remain in effect until the expiration of the City of Superior's existing State of Emergency, action of the Common Council, or September 25, 2020 - whichever comes first.

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