As COVID-19 (the so-called Coronavirus) continues its global spread, local agencies are preparing their response now so that they don't get caught off guard.  One of the issues that could arise has to do with schools and children:  their safety precautions and the guidance for potential closures.

To address COVID-19, the Superior School District has issued a letter that outlines their "preventative safety measures" along with their "process, plans, and communications" as they relate to the virus.  Superior District Administrator Amy Starzecki issued the letter to all families of children currently enrolled in school. Here's a summary:

  • The district has reviewed their pandemic preparedness plan.
  • A monitoring process is in place and they are ready to respond in the appropriate manner.
  • An increase of illness in Superior schools - or local cases of COVID-19 - will result in the district working closely with Douglas County Health, following and adhering to their directions.
  • Maintenance and janitorial staff at the schools are following a cleaning protocol based on guidelines established by the public health department and the CDC. Surfaces are cleaned daily, with a hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • The student and staff population is urged to follow everyday preventative actions to help stop the spread of germs.
  • The COVID-19 situation - as it relates to the Superior School District - continues to change and evolve.  The district promises to keep everyone informed if the situation warrants it.

The letter also provided a variety of links - which are available below.

To see this email in full size click here [PART 1] [PART 2]

COVID 19 - A
Stephen Tanko
Stephen Tanko

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