With the roll-back in masking requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on May 13, the resulting fallout could factually be coined "mask confusion"; while the CDC's updated guidance that "full vaccinated people can resume activities they did before the pandemic, including participating in indoor and outdoor activities - large or small - without wearing a mask or physically distancing", that ruling conflicted with numerous existing mask and social-distancing mandates from local, regional, state, and business entities.  Surely the next few weeks will see a realignment from these organizations - and some have already started that process.

One of the big questions that arose - especially from parents - was about how the new guidelines from the CDC would affect students and schools.  As far as the Superior School District goes, we now have an answer.  The district issued an "Updated Mask Guidance" communication - both as an email to currently-enrolled parents and also as a post on their website.  To summarize:  The new guidance from the CDC changes nothing for how the school has been operating in regards to masking and social distancing for the time being.

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The letter from District Administrator Amy Starzecki states:

"As of now, CDC's school guidance remains unchanged.  Most students will still be unvaccinated and schools should follow CDC's guidance for schools.  Teachers, school administrators, and staff should continue to follow CDC's school guidance until more people and children are vaccinated.  Students and staff on buses should continue to follow all masking and physical distancing guidelines."

Starzecki goes on to share that because of the unchanged "School guidance" from the CDC, they will continue to maintain a mask requirement and a social distancing requirement.  The letter from the district goes on to say "[a]s a result [of the unchanged school guidance from the CDC], we have not changed this requirement as part of our COVID-19 response plan.  We will continue to work closely with state officials and share more as information is available".

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