Being a Minnesota Sports fan is tough. That is unless you are a Lynx fan. They've basically been the only professional team to really win in recent years. Besides that it's really been 30 years since we have had anything to really celebrate. (Here's to you '91 Twins.) The hits keep coming too as the Timberwolves have won a title: the worst sports team in professional sports history.

Golf Digest of all places shared the news. A reddit user "The RatPatrol" did some math and shared the news on Sunday. The Timberwolves lost their 28 game of the season 118-99 to the Phoenix Suns. That put their all time win percentage at .39307 with an all time record of 278-429-1. That's bad enough for them to beat out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the worst win percentage in professional sports history. Ouch T-wolves. Ouch. Good for the Bucs, though. They got a Super Bowl championship and are no longer the worst team in history. I won't even start talking about the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

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I remember one time when the Timberwolves were hot. That was 2004-2005 when they advanced to the Western Conference Finals. However, that's as far as they made it. They haven't made much of a splash since. They've only won two playoff series in their entire team history, and made the playoffs only nine times.

The Timberwolves recently fired coach Ryan Saunders mid season, replacing him with Chris Finch. That's a big move to make mid season and it shows just how desperate the organization is to stop the losses.

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