It takes a lot of work, determination, and skill to make it into the NBA and for one young star he understands the assignment. Anthony Edwards Nicknamed "Ant-Man" by his dad when he was just three years old was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2020 and he is already showing that he has the skills and the personality to be a star on and off the court.

According to Wikipedia Edwards who was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia actually played youth football and won many awards as a running back and quarterback but at the age of 10, he decided to change things up and play basketball because his brothers were playing and it looked like fun.

As he grew older his skills in basketball became more and more obvious he became a five-star recruit out of high school and attended school as a Georgia Bulldog but entered the draft after just his freshman year in 2020. In 2022 the Timberwolves made it to the playoffs and despite Edwards's efforts, they lost to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Edwards recently sat down with for an interview and explained where he gets his confidence from: “Just from being a kid. I’ve always felt like I’m the best at everything I did,” Edwards says. “My brothers made me feel like that. Going against them made me feel like I was the best person in the world. That’s my confidence. I get it from my brothers."

That confidence along with a charming personality has now landed him as one of the spokespersons for Sprite in the new clear bottle. In the interview, Edwards said he wants to do a lot more acting and that he is actually pretty good at it. So here's to Anthony Edwards may he find even more success on and off the basketball court.

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