These Vikings might have to go for salary reasons. Some of them might be missed, but the team has to free up cap space.

Some of the space will be used to sign the new top picks, some will be used to keep some of the valuable vets. So who has to go? Well, as usual, some of them might be fan favorites or others that have been good and are still good but make too much money.

Kyle Rudolph-Whoa, huge fan favorite and one of the most charitable Vikings and has a lot of strings tied to the area. He is also the Vikings nominee for the man of the year, Walter Payton award. Yahoo! Sports, MSN Sports, and others have him as the top cut by the Minnesota Vikings in the off-season. The Viking Age says he has the 4th highest hit on the salary cap. Now, according to Skor North, the Mackey and Judd show. They say the Vikings could release him and re-sign him for a lower price.

Riley Reiff-According to Viking Age, he was almost cut this year but settled for lower pay, but the payday is still due, he would make 13 million for the 2021 season. He has underperformed for years until the last couple of years. He could be used for a trade, or cut him and offer him lower pay.

Anthony Harris-huge player, but also makes too much money. Viking Age says the Vikings put the franchise tag on him this year, but I don't think they can afford him. They have to let him go, they can't give him the money he will ask for, and is already listening to offers from other teams because he will be a free agent.

Kirk Cousins-I would love to see him go. There are rumors he wants to play for San Francisco, and the 49ers would love to have him over Jimmy Garafalo, they were disappointed with him in the Super Bowl. If Kirk is traded the Vikings will clear the books to sign a whole bunch of defensive guys because there will be a lot of money on the salary cap. Kirk has good numbers but he doesn't have that killer instinct. The Viking Age confirms it could be something the Vikings could entertain and might have to look at. Deshaun Jackson might be open to coming to Minnesota and then the Vikings could trade a good defensive player, something the Texans need.

Anthony Barr-He might be the guy to trade to the Texans to get a good quarterback. He might be the guy to trade to get a quarterback from any team. He is an impact player and can change a game on his own. he might be the guy to sacrifice before Anthony Harris. He was going to leave at one time for the Jets. According to MSN sports, he has a $15 million dollar hit.

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Some other players might have to go for performance reasons. Dan Bailey (but he might not because he has been in slumps before and even after this year is still the most consistent kicker in the NFL). Britton Colquitt is declining but was kept because he is a good holder and familiar with Dan Bailey, or maybe, get a new punter that holds and Dan might improve. Are the Vikings going to play with Anthony Harris and Harrison Smith, or use one in a trade or cut one to make room? The big thing to look at, who are the coaches going to be. Minnesota lost the OC and DC this year. Who they get may decide who the Vikings keep.

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