The Vikings have had a brutal beginning to the 2020 season. They lost their opening game to Green Bay this year, and then proceed to go 1-5. Nobody gave the Minnesota Vikings a chance in beating the Green Bay Packers on November 1st. In fact, FiveThirtyEight projected them to finish the season 5-11 with a 4% chance of making the playoffs.

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But hold on a second! The Vikings actually somehow beat The Packers 28-22. That has now updated the Viking's chances this season. FiveThirtyEight is now showing that the Vikings simulated season will finish with a 7-9 record. That also triples their playoff chances to 13%. They previously had less than 1% chance at winning the division. Now they have a 3% chance at winning the NFC North.

Yeah, so technically and statistically the Vikings have indeed better than tripled their chances at the playoff. It's just still not a very good chance.

The Vikings (2-5) host the Detroit Lions (3-4) this Sunday. A win here could further improve the Vikings chances. However this season the team has been inconsistent. Some games have gone well like vs the Seahawks where they started the game great and then blew the game in no time. Have we seen the team turn it around and find their footing, or was this last Sunday at Lambeau a fluke?

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