I heard from a friend that is a fellow whisky drinker that I should give Bison Ridge a try. They have their 3 year aged version, and there more expensive 8 year aged whisky. For this time around, I grabbed a handle of the Bison Ridge 3 Year Aged Blended Canadian Whisky. I have to admit, I was very hesitant when I saw it was only 12.99 for a handle (1.75L).

I've tried cheaper whiskies before, and I've kind have come up with a "nothing under $20" rule. Usually I regret buying the cheap stuff pretty quickly. But I took my friend's word for it and gave it a shot. Literally, I had a shot over ice. I like to sip on a bump of whisky while drinking hard cider. In case you haven't tried it, Whisky and Cider is a nice balance.

Anyway, back to the review. It was particularly smooth for the price point. Honestly, after tasting it if I hadn't have known, I would have guessed this would have been a mid range priced whisky. It's cheaper than Windsor and far smoother. It's not too sweet. It's really got a nice balance. It doesn't taste cheap. It's a winner in my book. The 3 year aged is not going to become on of my absolute favorites that replaces the expensive bottles I treat myself to on special occasions, but it may be my new choice for a budget friendly whisky on the weekends.


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