If Disturbed's "The Sound of Silence" cover raised goosebumps and left an impact on you before, a fan's newly edited video for the track amidst the current global Covid-19 pandemic should definitely stir some strong emotions.

Disturbed shared the Tiago Teixeira-created video on their social media account, adding, "Sending our best wishes to everyone all over the world. Stay strong. -D," with a bonus note of, "Thanks so much to Tiago Teixeira for this amazing and haunting edit of our version of Simon & Garfunkel’s 'The Sound of Silence.'"

The clip, as seen below, shows notable city landscapes in New York, Chicago, Budapest and Paris mostly vacant as the world turns to self isolation. Normally bustling landmarks like Chicago's famous Bean and Wrigley Field and London's The Eye wheel sit nearly empty, which is an odd site indeed.

"I found the images of the emptiness captured on cities all over the world to be heartbreaking and eerie. We are living a surreal situation. I decided to edit this video using footage from several famous cities; New York, Chicago, San Francisco (briefly), Budapest and Paris," says Teixera. He also credits footage from Drone Media Chicago, Little Blue Whale Studios, Alfredo Roman, Akfasso, Rodrigo TV, Mathieu Stern and Botond Nahimi that were all used in creating the video.

"I am deeply humbled by the overwhelming response that this short video has received," Tiago added. "To all of you, I thank you! My merit, if any, was merely to edit together things that were already superb, and to tap into the zeitgeist of the moment. As someone commented just yesterday, they thought that the song 'Sound of Silence' would suit this times perfectly and should well deserve a video where the connection to today's empty streets could be highlighted. I merely connected the dots." He continued, "Big thanks as well to Simon and Garfunkel for the original song, and Disturbed for this amazing cover."

At press time, the video had eclipsed 243,000 views.

For the latest updates on the Covid-19 virus, how to protect yourself and what to do if you are sick, please check the CDC's current guidelines here.

Disturbed, "Sound of Silence" (Covid-19 Lockdown Version)

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