Vikings fans have been rejoicing on the first win of their new Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell. The Vikings' offense attacked the Green Bay Packers, and their defense held strong, winning the game 23-7. It's the largest win they have ever had against Aaron Rodgers, and it's also the fewest points the Vikings' defense has allowed since 2019.

Football Night In America did their Sunday night recap of the day's games and hosts Maria Taylor, Mike Florio, Tony Dungy, and Jason Garrett all had some great things to say about the Minnesota team.

Mike Florio started by pointing out that it's a different vibe this year with the new head coach. Florio originally thought the Vikings should have hired Jim Harbaugh, but acknowledges that Minnesota got it right by hiring Kevin O'Connell. The players under Zimmer were too dragged down, too negative, and it was time for a change. Kevin O'Connell is doing a good job of changing the attitudes and making the players much looser. It's far different than the team was under Mike Zimmer.

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Tony Dungy agreed that the attitude of this team has changed, and pointed out that Kevin O'Connell's style and the system he brought are much different than in past years. Justin Jefferson motioned twice as much as last year, and the Vikings offense is having more plays with more wide receivers.

Jason Garrett praised Kirk Cousin. He calls him a good player and his history with O'Connell helps. O'Connell embraces Cousin and wants him as his quarterback.

When it came to talking about the Green Bay Packers, Tony Dungy said they shouldn't worry too much. The chemistry between Rodgers and his wide receivers will come more as they play. He did point out that the offensive line is an area of concern. Mike Florio went as far as to say that Rodgers didn't put enough work into his wide receivers and it's going to take some time for this team to click without Davante Adams.

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