Listen each week to Chris Allen on the Most Music Morning Show on KOOL 101.7 Thursday morning as the KOOL Football Schwamee talks about the hottest football games of the week. Then check out the rest of his picks for the weekend right here on this page. We will also have the pro football picks for the Brian and Dave from the Northland Sports Page, which is heard from 10 am to noon Saturdays on our sister station the FAN 106.5 FM/560 AM.

We will keep track of their wins and losses. Each person is trying to win "The Old Football Trophy".

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This week's key games

An exciting Thursday Night game. Dallas, who is on a skid and must win, New Orleans, must win to stay in the hunt. Dallas should win this easily, but Taysom Hill might make it hard. He can run and take the interceptions out of the mix, which is what Dallas does best.

The Chargers at the Bengals, both big surprises both better than their records show. They both have second-year quarterbacks. This will be a battle between them. Each side has a good defense, so it will come down to which quarterback can make it happen and read the defense.

Minnesota at Detroit. The Vikings are known for losing these games, so this may be one of those. Kirk Cousins is quoted as saying, I get aggressive when they tell me to get aggressive. Um, Vikings, tell him to get aggressive. Duh!! Vikings need this one.

Monday Night, New England at Buffalo. Buffalo is performing under expectations this season, but New England is hot. New England is hot on defense, and hot on offense. This is the surprise team of the year and I see them winning by something last minute.

Picks standings

  • Schwamee:109-70-1
  • Dave:108-71-1
  • Brian:108-71-1

Here Is The Schedule:

Thursday Game:

  • Dallas vs New Orleans

Sunday Day Games

  • Arizona Cardinals  vs Chicago Bears
  • Indianapolis Colts vs  Houston Texans
  • Los Angeles Chargers  vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • Minnesota Vikings  vs Detroit Lions
  • New York Giants  vs Miami Dolphins
  • Philadelphia Eagles  vs New York Jets
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers  vs Atlanta Falcons
  • Washington Football Team  vs Las Vegas Raiders
  • Baltimore Ravens  vs Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars  vs Los Angeles Rams
  • San Francisco 49ers  vs Seattle Seahawks

Sunday Night Game

  • Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs

Monday Night Game

  • New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

This week's picks

      • Brian -Dallas, MN, AZ, Philly, Indy, Cincy, TB, Miami, LA Rams, LV, Baltimore, SF, KC Buffalo
      • Dave -Dallas, Detroit, AZ, NY Jets, Indy, Cincy, TB, Miami, LA Rams, WFT, Baltimore, SF, KC, Buffalo
      • Schwamee - Dallas, Cincy, MN, NE, AZ, Indy, Miami, Philly, TB, WFT, Baltimore, LA Rams, SF, KC