We are getting whopped with a heavy, wet, winter blizzard in the region. Some estimates are still calling for over a foot of snow. Wind gusts also are creating snow drifts, and driving is not recommended. Many people are hunkered down in their homes, hopefully with power and enjoying a snow day.

However, there's a quick thing you should make sure you do. It only takes a minute while shoveling, but it can save money and the heat in your home.

Most homes now have high-efficiency furnaces or boilers. These are great as they use less gas than older heating units. But, most of these vent differently and don't vent out of your chimney as you might think. Your boiler or furnace likely vents out of the side of your house with a white PVC pipe.

WFRV Local 5 via YouTube
WFRV Local 5 via YouTube

Snow drifts can happen where it actually covers the PVC pipe. Without your heating unit able to vent, it will shut down. You'll lose heat in your house, and may have to call an HVAC technician to come out and get your system started up again.

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I got a call this morning from our friends at Aireserv, asking for us to share this message. They say they get dozens of calls during bad snow storms from people suffering from this issue. It's something you can easily prevent yourself at your home. Also be sure that if you hire a snow removal service that they are aware of any vents you may have outside your home, so they don't accidentally block them.

It's also a good idea to make sure your gas meter is clear of ice and snow as well. Now just keep your fingers crossed that the power grid can withstand the heavy icing and snow.

Gas and utility meter in snow

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