A beautiful thing sprung up In Lincoln Park yesterday as people were instructed to come on up one at a time. It was a Free Farmers Market thanks to a very generous donation of $3,000 pounds of fresh produce from Sysco Minnesota.

Laura Mullen co-founder of Bent Paddle Brewery had heard that Sysco had 3,000 pounds of excess produce and wanted to find a way to help out the community. So, Clyde Iron Works, Bent Paddle Brewing Co., Sysco Minnesota, Pier B Resort Hotel, and the 2020 Census worked together to make it happen.

Mullen spoke with KBJR and said: "I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime and anything we can be doing to help when we have a facility and organization skills and stuff like that, everyone should be stepping up right now as long as they're doing it safely,"

The organizers of the event made sure to follow the social distancing with each person required to wear gloves, grab a clean reusable bag and had to approach the tables one by one keeping a safe distance. For many people the idea of getting some free food was an opportunity they could not pass up for themselves and their families. Thank you to everyone involved for helping out so many people in need during this difficult time.

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