Following the Viking's loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, their playoff chances continue to dwindle. Five Thirty Eight, a data and predictions website has updated playoff chances for teams following Sunday's football games. So as of now, the Vikings have an 11% chance of making the playoffs. That's according to the quarterback-adjusted ELO forecast.

In the traditional forecast, the Vikings only have a 9% chance of making the playoffs. They've been in a must-win situation for the second half of the season, and their next two games are against division rivals. They'll play the Green Bay Packers next, followed by week 18 versus the Chicago Bears.

The Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay Packers are in a much better position, already securing their playoff spot by clinching the NFC North, and now are looking for a first-round bye. Five Thirty Eight has them at an 85% chance of the first-round bye.

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Going even further as things stand today, the Green Bay Packers have a 23% chance to win the Super Bowl based on the statistics and projections. The only team ahead of them in the Super Bowl Win chances is the Kansas City Chiefs. Their record isn't as good as the packers at 11-4 (Packers are 12-3), but the projections give them a slight edge at winning the Super Bowl at 27%.

In case you were wondering, the Vikings' chances of going all the way to winning the Super Bowl are 0.1%. That's just rude, but it is a reality.

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