Adrian Peterson was one of the greatest running backs to ever play in the NFL, and he claims he still could play, but no one is calling the aging AP, so he's trying something different.

Peterson is 37 and will probably never play in the NFL again, so he's got some free time on his hands and an ego to maintain, so why not try some boxing? Peterson got in the ring with 30-year-old Le'Veon Bell, who also was a running back in the NFL, spending most of his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and things did not end well for Peterson.

The match was part of the 'Social Games 2' event that was originally scheduled to happen at the end of July before the main event between YouTube creators AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom fell through. The two ex-NFL stars final got their day in the ring this weekend at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

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Peterson and Bell made it to the fifth round before things got ugly, well things were ugly the entire match from a boxing standpoint, but 22 seconds into that fifth and final round Bell landed a monstrous right-handed blow to Peterson's chin, buckling his knees and sending him to the mat.

Social Gloves: 'No More Talk'
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Peterson managed to get back on his feet, but barely, and he was clearly dazed more than usual and the referee decided to declare a TKO. Peterson is now 0-1 in his boxing career, while Bell is off and running with an impressive knockout on his short boxing resume, so maybe we will see a rematch or perhaps another ex-NFL star wants to jump in the ring?

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