Not every social media marketing stunt goes off without a hitch. This one from the Minnesota Vikings definitely falls into that category.

The Vikings recently issued a new challenge on the social video app TikTok, asking fans to act as a wide receiver catching a pass from quarterback Kirk Cousins in a "duet" on the app.

If you're not hip with the TikTok lingo, a "duet" is essentially a response video that features the original video, side-by-side with your response video. In the case of this challenge, fans are asked to duet themself on the other end of a Cousins pass in training camp from what I would assume is footage from last year's camp.

While I haven't had the chance to deep-dive on all of the fan responses, one is getting some particular attention online.

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If you've ever been on the internet ever, you know it is full of trolls. My personal favorite is the story of Boaty McBoatface. In that same high-level troll spirit, someone took full advantage of the opportunity to take a shot at the Vikings' multi-million dollar man.

No word on whether this is a Vikings fan, a fan of another team, or just some elite troll doing what he does best. Regardless, even I (a die-hard Vikings fan) am getting a good laugh out of this video - even if it brings up a little VQPTSD (Vikings Quarterback Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) with the likes of the guys below all in recent memory.

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