Anthony Harris is set to be a free agent this year, and I know the Vikings want to keep him but it's a money issue, not a cutting issue.

Anthony Harris has been a mainstay on the defense with Mike Zimmer's scheme. This year though, he is owed some money and he deserves it. So, if the Minnesota Vikings can't come to terms with him, where does he go?

Vikings Territory says there are a lot of safeties up for grabs this year so the price might not be as high and the Vikings might be able to afford him. This means he may sign a one-year deal that has some money but would be a year he could play well and then move on to another team. Then, he could demand higher pay.

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Here's another scenario, Vikings Wire says the Cleveland Browns might be able to land J.J. Watt, and they would like to get Anthony Harris too. They can afford both of them, and Harris knows Kevin Stephanski from coaching the Vikings. Would that be the last thing Cleveland would have to do to be a contender? Watt and Harris to shore up the defense, could that be what they need to beat KC and make it to the Super Bowl.

I think the Vikings have to come up with something. This will be a lean year, the Vikings are in a terrible spot with cap space. The thing is they spent all the money on Kirk Cousins and so they don't have enough to spend on anything else.  This may be the year they draft well again and get most of the defense on rookie pay.

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