Just like that, the purple in gold have turned it around and have a winning streak on their hands. The team that started the season flat footed and out of place has now managed to win three in a row. They started with a surprise win at Lambeau field against the NFC North Division favorites Green Bay Packers. Until that game they had virtually no chance of making it to the post season according to statistical models from FiveThirtyEight.

Somehow they beat Aaron Rodgers and the packers and set their sights on the Detroit Lions. After beating Detroit 34-20, their playoff chances all of a sudden leaped from next to nothing to 24%.

Next up was Monday Night Football with Cousins facing off against his former college teammate Nick Foles. Cousins doesn't have a great track record on nationally televised games. The Vikings also don't have a ton of luck at Solider Field in Chicago. Somehow, they pulled off a tight win, beating the Bears 19-13. Now with that win under their belt their playoff chances have increased to 37%. It's not a great chance, but if they keep winning the odds just keep increasing. FiveThirtyEight updates the stats after every game.

The Minnesota Vikings take on the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday, and a win there could put them even closer to grasping at the playoffs. The Cowboys have seen some injuries and setbacks. Their QB Dak Prescott had an impressive start to the season, but broke his ankle ending his season. Now the Cowboys are 2-7 and can be beat by this Vikings team.

As of today, the stats predict that the Vikings have a 37% chance of making the playoffs and less than a 4% chance of winning the division. The Packers are sitting in a better spot now with a 96% chance of making the playoffs. They are also the favorites to win the NFC North with an 89% chance of that happening.

To sum this up with the ultimate sports cliché: "A lot can change, and that's why we play the games."

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