I was talking with my co-host Lauren this morning about how it's the time of year when we see the "Do You Remember The Halloween Blizzard of 91? posts." It's then usually followed by a bunch of snow apocalypse pictures of cars being stuck in feet of snow. There were houses where they were literally snowed in. It was the biggest snowstorm of most people's lives and it was a shock when it happened. What was an even bigger shock to me was realizing that she wasn't even born when it happened.

I guess it's a part of getting older, but it's a badge of honor to have survived the 1991 Blizzard. I went around and asked a few of the younger people I work with and realize pretty quickly that even 30-year-olds had either not been born or don't remember. I was 8 years old at the time and remember it vividly.

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It's something you'll never forget if you were there. If you weren't there you don't understand exactly what it was like. You went to bed on Halloween night to freezing rain and a little bit of snow. You woke up the next morning to snowmaggedon.

The snow fell in the region from Halloween to November 3rd. The final total of snow in Duluth was 36.9 inches according to the National Weather Service. Superior had a whopping 45 inches. Huge snowdrifts were created from heavy winds that could literally block house windows, doors, and garage doors. It was insane.

I'm approaching the big 4-0, and it occurred to me that about half of the people I know now don't remember or weren't born yet at the time. I found that shocking.

So achievement unlocked for us who are starting to get our gray hairs: We Survived & Remember The 91 Halloween Blizzard.

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