A short segment of Old U.S. Highway 2 in Hermantown will be closing forever at some point in early September; the part of the road is where Morris Thomas Road crosses the current U.S. Highway 2.

The closure stems from an intersection improvement project and was scheduled to close forever at some point next year.  However, St. Louis County officials and the City of Hermantown determined that closure this year was more prudent - as it will avoid the delays next spring that would have resulted from the intersection improvement project's proximity to a designated trout stream.  Making the closure now will avoid those delays.

Even with the closure, the majority of the intersection improvement project will still occur in 2021.  The new intersection will see the addition of left turn lanes on Highway 2 for vehicles that are turning onto Morris Thomas Road.  It will also involve the realignment of Morris Thomas Road to intersect Highway 2 at a 90-degree angle - for safety.  The portion of Old Highway 2 closest to Midway Road will become a dead-end just west of the current Highway 2.

The Hermantown City Council approved the final closure of the short segment of Old Highway 2 at a recent meeting.  The final closure (including signage and barricades) will occur early in September.

For more details about Public Works Department projects in St. Louis County, click here.  For more details about Public Works Department projects in the City of Hermantown, click here.

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